Legal Services for Administrative Matters

Legal Services for Administrative Matters
Administrative law between state and private natural and legal persons is included in the range of services provided in our legal office within the legal services and bar services. The concerned service includes the assistance, interpretation, representation, defence and advising for our clients. Some of these services, among others, are listed below:

1.      Explanation of legal administrative norms and their interpretation in relation to the specific case of the client.
2.      Citizenship issues of natural persons (obtaining and removing citizenship).
3.      Representation of parties in administrative procedures in the first instance (municipal institutions).
4.      Representation of parties in the second instance in the administrative procedure (in ministries, state agencies, other law enforcement institutions).
5.      Representation in administrative conflicts.
6.      Representation to the customs.
7.      Other (client explains his case and we jointly analyze the situation and draw the relevant conclusions and progress in solving the problem in relation to the administrative law).